About us

LCMASS Latest & Complete Medical Assistance Support System

LCMASS, a Latest & Complete Medical Assistance Support System, is a service provider that takes care of the medical needs of patients right from recommending the right doctors within and outside our network of doctors and hospitals. This includes getting the patient's requirements analyzed by suitable doctors and consultants before suggesting the correct path of treatment.

Our company is working solely for the purpose of providing assistance for health related issues. LCMASS team has vast experience in this field and its experience provides assurance enough that the patients will get great treatment with best value for money. The complete procedure is digitized for every member right from an infant to an elderly person.

Every day, there’s a new discovery at the LCMASS. Whether it’s a patient who undergoes a new, life-saving procedure or a clinical researcher who finds promise in a new treatment, exciting medical advances are taking place. As the only reputed online medical support system in central India, the LCMASS is on the forefront of health care, providing patients with the most progressive treatments and medical technology support available.

Our medical member includes nationally and internationally recognized physicians who provide state-of-the-art, comprehensive patient care. Our physicians have been ranked among the top doctors in India in various specialties.

We are available 24 hours to answer your queries with appropriate lead time depending on the critcality of the query.

Our experienced staff takes care of virtually all your needs.

LCMASS is service promoted by Corpus Medisol Privated Limited.