Why one should be a member of LCMASS (online medical consultation) – a group committed for your well being!!!

  • Do you know most of the medical problems can be prevented OR we can minimize the damage it can cause to your health?
  • Have you ever given thought of timely treatment importance?
  • Do you know you can avail the services of Specialist from any part of the globe?
  • Do you think you need parenting system who can give timely reminder or an alert for certain health conditions and treatment?
  • Do you have any confusion in selecting the specialist appropriate for your health problem?
  • Do you know People who have doctor mentors / advisors live longer, and they live better.

If you have any of above questions in your mind then it’s time to visit LCMASS for appropriate one stop solution.

  • Our service online medical consultation allows you to consult with highly qualified physicians with the comfort of your home.
  • LCMASS upholds the highest standards when approving physicians to practice the online consultation service. We stringently verify our online doctors to ensure they are fully licensed so that your care will always be of the highest quality.
  • LCMASS goal is to provide the highest caliber of online healthcare and offer a unique service where any patient can receive consultation with any doctors irrespective of their geographical location.
  • When a doctor provides a quick medical advice online, he/she will be helping a patient who may otherwise have had to visit the emergency room.
  • If you are not happy with consultation with your own doctor or specialist or if you wish for a clarification, we welcome you to seek 'second consults' with us using our online medical consultation service
  • Your identity and the answers will be kept totally confidential and not displayed anywhere
  • Maintain vaccination & immunization dates and get timely reminders. Compare your children’s vaccination schedule with the vaccination chart recommended by experts on the website. Book personal visit appointments online with LCMASS empanelled doctors.
  • Maintain all your health records electronically through LCMASS and access them anywhere, anytime. No need to carry physical health records to LCMASS empanelled doctors. Enjoy automatic updates to your health records on empanelled doctors's investigations or prescriptions.

How LCMASS Work?

  1. Post your query with symptoms and current medications with lab reports if any.
  2. Your query will be send to a panel of specialists.
  3. You will receive an answer from a doctor in few hours. Due to the demand for medical consults it is sometimes difficult to answer your questions instantly; hence, a simple two-tier system is devised where you choose if the consult is urgent or non-urgent. This way you get the best value for your money. The urgent consults are responded within 24 to 36 working hrs and the non-urgent are responded within 72 hrs.
  4. You can then follow up with the same doctor.